Welcome to New Vision Vape! We are dedicated to providing the most universal e-cig\vape pens on the market.We also make excellent e-juice at great prices, made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients from USA! With these carefully chosen kits you can vape literally anything combustible, from dry herbs and e-juice to medical wax and hash, with the highest quality parts available. With the Mega AGO G5 vape pen kit everything is provided in one affordable package which includes an AGO G5 vape pen kit, CE4+ clearomizer for your favorite e-juice, Wax-T atomizer for your waxes, and (2) ceramic dry herb chambers. Find out more about this amazing product below, and in our "Uses" section above.

Delicious e-juice now available

15ml bottles in many flavors, and nicotine levels. Made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients produced in the USA. Please check the purchase page for flavors.

Introducing The Ultimate Vaporization Pen Kit

multiple colors available as well as our exclusive carbon fiber model and 900mah batteries.


As Well as the AGO G5 kit you will also receive these high quality and compatible attachments.


Ce4+ rebuild-able clearomizer
Because this clearomizer is rebuild-able, you can simply and inexpensively replace the wick and atomizer instead of having to buy a new clearomizer after long-term use. The mouth piece matches the color of vape chosen.





Wax-T glass globe atomizer
Glass globe with heat coil visibly catches vapor and allows the user to observe combustion. The mouth piece matches the color of vape chosen.





Extra ceramic dry herb chamber
Made of ceramic with a massive coil at the bottom that gets red hot to vape your dry herbs. This chamber can hold a large amount of herbs or very thick oils. The mouth piece matches the color of vape chosen.




2013 AGO G5 Vape Pen Kit
Includes (1) 650mah or 900mah battery with bright LCD screen that shows battery level as well as number of puffs taken per charge. This is a nice, sturdy body which is rubber film coated for excellent grip and elegant look. fitted with an A grade battery. (1) Rubber mouthpiece. (1) Ceramic filter. (1) Steel Mesh Filter & Spring. (1) Ceramic Heating Chamber & Chamber Connector. (1) USB adapter & USB wall charger. (1) Packing tool & cleaning brush. (1) User manual.


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Why buy from us?


We have done extensive research and worked closely with e-cig manufacturers to create the best all-in-one kit available. With this kit you can vape anything in style, and at a very affordable price. While very similar to the Atmos Raw, the G5 is compatible with virtually every clearomizer or atomizer available. The Atmos Raw has a different threaded battery and heating chamber that is not standard and is very locked down in that aspect. With A grade batteries and improved coils you can be sure you are getting the highest quality parts from our manufacturers. We are based in California and can ship quickly to anywhere in the U.S..






















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